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Our production of 'Arabian Nights' was absolutely superb, hugely imaginative, energetic and fun.

With a talented cast of actors, dancers and acrobats, led by the excellent Shahrazad (Phoebe, L6 Drama Scholar), the story unfolded before the audience's eyes. 

Colourful cast stand as confetti rains down
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Girls bring Romeo and Juliet to life

This autumn, Headington once again hosted the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival.

The Theatre was visited by a number of local schools, which each performed their own shortened version of a Shakespeare classic. Eighteen of our U4 girls mesmerised audiences with their highly-emotive and accomplished performance of Romeo and Juliet. The cast was expertly lead by Hebe as Juliet and Maddie as a dashing Romeo ,through the tragic tale of whirlwind romance and family feuds. A huge congratulations also goes to L6's Blanche, who directed the performance with the help of Ms Bridey Dyer. 

Juliet rests her lap on Romeo's lap
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