Solemn Remembrance event sees high turnout from Headington cadets

Headington cadets joined with past and present military personnel from all over the county for a special parade on Remembrance Sunday marking the Centenary of the end of the First World War.

We had 31 cadets on Parade with Capt Anisha Charania, Miss Clarkson and Sgt Travis as the drill Sergeant keeping the girls all in time and looking superb on the march past the dignitaries and service goers.

Cadets parade along St Giles
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Amazing achievements marked in assembly

A host of impressive achievements were celebrated at our final Cups and Colours assembly of the year.

The range and scope of the achievements celebrated was both varied and impressive, with girls cheering everything from promising poets and journalists, to drama and music exams, to academic and sporting achievements.

Six girls are pictured holding two cups
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CCF contingent take on Army training

On Friday 17th November, 14 members of our CCF contingent and four staff spent the weekend at Bramley Training Area.

The senior cadets took on the planning of a topical exercise which involved spending time on their weapon handling drills, practicing their patrolling and navigation techniques and sending out recce patrols with section commanders to gather vital intelligence on the enemy. The cadets then set up a vehicle check point and later ambushed a helicopter in order to prevent the enemy from progressing in their operations.

CCF Cadets ambushing an enemy helicopter
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