Girls prepare presentation on privatisation of the NHS

On Tuesday 27th November, 12 A Level and IB Economics students participated in an inter-school Economics conference at Oxford High School. 

Local schools Magdalen College School and Lord Williams's, Thame, were among those also taking part in the conference. At the conference, the girls were asked to analyse various articles and data on the NHS before delivering a presentation on 'Whether the NHS should be privatized?'.

Girls stand in group in hall
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Dr Robin Wilson addresses Computer Science, Geography and Theory of Knowledge students

An award-winning scientist spent the day with different U6 students covering a huge range of topics, working with geographers, computer scientists and Theory of Knowledge students.

Dr Robin Wilson, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Southampton University and winner of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society PhD Award, ran five separate sessions working with both IB and A Level girls.

Dr Robin Wilson sits in front of a screen, talking and gesturing with his hands
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Geographers explore impact of Oxford developments

Our L5 geographers took to the streets of Oxford on Wednesday 21st November as part of their IGCSE urban environments fieldwork package. 

The day started off with a fascinating briefing on the impact of the Westgate Centre by Bethany, U6, one of our Geography IB students who told the 69 young geographers about her own extensive urban fieldwork investigation as part of her IB studies.  

Geography teacher Mrs Badger addresses girls outside the Westgate Centre
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Sixth formers join with Cheney students for languages workshop

We were delighted to welcome some final year Oxford Brookes University students, accompanied by Dr Barbara Giraud, to conduct a French A Level translation workshop to focus on exam techniques.

L6 and U6 girls from Headington School were joined by Cheney School students and were challenged with two texts based on the theme of the French fashion industry and media to translate into English and then French.

Students sit together with chairs around desks
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Fascinating lecture series offers new perspectives on Second World War

U6 girls enjoyed a History in Action event on the subject of Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany in the Emmanuel Centre, London, on Wednesday 14th November.

The History students were treated to Sir Max Hastings revised interpretation on why war broke out in 1914 and just how unavoidable engagement in this conflict was for Britain. They heard a very interesting lecture on the cult of the dead in Nazi Germany before listening to an excellent talk by the esteemed Sir Richard Evans on the significance of war in Nazi ideology.

Girls sit in auditorium in front of screen showing black and white Second World War images
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New challenge set for robotic enthusiasts

Saturday 10th November saw four girls from our Student Robotics team go to a special Kickstart event at Southampton University to compete in some mini-games to familiarize themselves with the kit, in addition to bringing the new kit back with them.

Three girls sit around computer with pieces of robotic equipment in front of them
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Girls experience some of Washington's political life first hand

Nine Sixth Form students travelled 'across the pond' during half term for a five-day enrichment trip to Washington DC.

During the trip, the girls saw the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, Smithsonian Museums, Lincoln Memorials and Washington Monument.

They spent time in the Museum of Native American Indians, visited the grave of former president John F Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery and took some time to see both the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials. The Second World War Memorial was also a highlight.

Group stands outside the White House
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Sir Christopher Hum shares his experience

As part of Headington's Year of Languages, L5 and the Sixth Form were regaled with tales of intrigue and the inner-workings of life as a diplomat by Sir Christopher Hum, former UK ambassador to China. 

Sir Christopher transported us around the world and along the diverse paths which learning a language can lead, convincing us of the importance of communicating with other nations in their mother tongues. 

Questions afterwards ranged from the relative difficulty and beauty of particular languages, to the geopolitical situation in the South China Sea. 

Sir Christopher Hum talks to a girl
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Fascinating examination into range of Chemistry topics at London event

On Monday 12th November over 25 Chemistry students from the Sixth Form attended the Chemistry in Action Lectures in London.  

Many of the girls were particularly interested on a talk on the subject of plastics.

Chemistry in Action logo
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Tour of ancient sites as girls visit Greece

On Saturday 20th October, the Classics Department took 35 girls from L5 to U6 to Greece for six days.

Girls stand in front of remains of ancient columns
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