The L4 have been doing some environment projects, with prizes awarded for the most imaginative and the most practical.

L4 RA won the practical prize with an idea to turn the energy produced on the ergos and the spinning machines into power which could be used in the Dance and Fitness Centre. L4 HR won the prize for an imaginative idea with their window boxes in which they would grow flowers and salad vegetables. The girls did presentations on their ideas, which were judged by Environment Prefect Camille, who awarded the prizes in assembly.

Girls in uniform holding iPad presentations gather around Environment Prefect Camille
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Cadets take part in Remembrance activities

Headington School's Combined Cadet Force has had a busy Remembrance period. The Cadets have been raising money for the Royal British Legion at lunch and break times, selling poppies ​and other Remembrance items.​

On Remembrance Sunday, 23 members of the contingent paraded in St Giles to pay their respects, along with many other members of the Armed Forces and community groups.​

The Cadets were complimented by many on their turnout and standard of drill. Our standard bearer was Corporal Mears, with Sergeant Capdevielle laying the wreath for Headington School. 

Cadets march through St Giles
Cadets stand in silence at the corner of St Giles
Cadets carry wreaths to the memorial, with Olivia laying wreath for Headington
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Imogen makes return trip to Milan

Sixth former Imogen has made the return trip to Italy in an exchange she organised herself.

Her exchange partner, Alice, visited Oxford and Headington earlier in the year and during half term, Imogen stayed with Alice in her exchange partner's house near Milan.

During the trip, Imogen visited Milan and a small isalnd on Lake Maggiore. Imogen also spent some time at Alice's school attending lessons.

Imogen stands in front of Italian Cathedral
Imogen sits at table with her Italian exchange family
Girl stands in front of Lake Maggiore
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Day gives girls opportunity to 'Think Maths'

Headington held a 'Think Maths Day' on Wednesday 11th October with a variety of Maths-themed activities taking place.

The U3 and L4 had a talk from Dr Katie Steckles entitled “Shapes and Smoke Rings” which they found very entertaining yet thought provoking. This was followed by workshops where they created their own dodecahedrons using origami techniques and investigated Mobius Bands which they found fascinating and enjoyable.

Read Grace's report below about what was available for the older girls. 

Girls gather around table cutting and folding colourful paper
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