More than 60 professionals offer expertise at Careers Fair

On Tuesday 19th March the bi-annual careers fair was held at Headington.   

This involved 65 professionals from the Headington School community giving up their time to talk to Headington girls, giving them valuable advice and insight into different careers. With over 40 different fields of interest, to explore it certainly gave the girls something to think about.

Speaker sat at table address audience of about seven girls standing
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Fantastic fundraising efforts for Comic Relief

A host of different activities were held to raise money for Comic Relief on Friday 15th March.

The day started with a pre school nail bar and built up to a whole programme of events over lunchtime. Girls voted for staff to take part in a karaoke challenge, to face a bush tucker challenge, to perform with other staff in a 'boy band', a lyric reading challenge and finally to face bucketfuls of gunge.

Caroline Jordan is pictured, covered in gunge
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Dozens of bags of rubbish collected for annual campaign

Dozens of bags of rubbish were collected as U4 girls took to the streets to do their part in this year's OxClean campaign.

Armed with litter pickers and bin bags, the girls spread out around the Headington area and spent two hours picking up discarded rubbish.

Head of Charities and Communities Mr David Cunningham said: "OxClean was an amazing success with some really positive community feedback. A number of shopkeepers, a local church leader and countless members of the public all came out and thanked our girls during the event!

Girls in uniform hold up litter pickers and bin bags
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Janet Young Memorial Lecturer is high-flying Headington parent and consultant neurosurgeon

Consultant neurosurgeon and Headington parent Mr Jayaratnam Jayamohan delivered the Janet Young Memorial Lecture on Tuesday 26th February.

He shared stories about his care of children and young people with neurosurgical conditions, in a talk entitled 'How I learned to stop worrying and love neurosurgery'. Mr Jayamohan was involved in making the BBC series Children’s Craniofacial Surgery and Brain Doctors.

Mr Jay Jayamohan stands behind a lectern, gesticulating
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Letter-writing campaign on climate change

Headington girls joined in solidarity with those across the country for a special session on climate change on Friday 15th February.

The lunchtime session, held to coincide with the youth strike action, focused on what actions girls could take as both individuals and as part of a school community to combat climate change.

Girls wrote to their MPs, urging them to take action and expressing their concerns. They also looked at actions the School itself could take to reduce its impact.

Mr O'Driscoll stands in front of a table of girls, talking with them and leaning towards them
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Girls join with Magdalen College School for social event

Friends, food and fun were the order of the day for the U3 social.

Friday 9th February saw 80 Headington girls come face to face on the dancefloor with 60 Magdalen College School boys.

The theme for the occasion - ‘neon’ - ensured an unforgettable evening, with the school hall lit up with glow sticks, fluorescent balloons and colourful lights.

Girls face boys across the dance floor while dancing the macarena
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Headington community comes together for festive wreath making activity

On Saturday 8th December Headington held a Christmas Wreath Making Workshop, led by Lucy from Petite Fleur Oxford, with mulled wine and mince pies for all. 

The event was organised by Headington's Development team and, as well as some familiar faces, the mix of Headingtonians, parents and staff getting stuck in and creating wreaths included some new faces to Headington events. 

Two women hold up wreaths they have made
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U3 girls sing, play and recite poetry at local care homes

U3 girls represented the School on Friday 18th May as they visited four local care homes to perform a ‘mini concert’ for residents. Each form had thoughtfully prepared a programme of songs, instrumental pieces and poems, such as ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ ‘I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud’ and ‘Lean on Me’. They were taught some fantastic songs to sing as a whole class during part of their music lessons. 

One girl plays saxophone while others sing behind her
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Charity event raises over £100 for Young Minds Foundation

Six teachers lined up to take a sponging for a charity event organised by girls.

Following a vote, one of the six, Head of Economics George Vlachonikolis, was chosen for a public gunging. The teachers took the activity in good spirit and the girls joined in with gusto, paying 50p for a chance to pelt their chosen teacher with a wet sponge.

Money was raised for the Young Minds Foundation and at the end of the day, £103.75 was collected for the cause.

Six teachers sit on chairs as a girl throws a wet sponge at them
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Generous staff provide clothes and first aid for refugees

A car full of donations from generous staff members is headed towards Calais to support the refugees who are currently living in the notorious camp.

Headington School's Health Centre regularly organises collections for Oxford Refugee Solidarity, formerly known as Care4Calais, which are then taken and distributed by volunteers to those in need.

Two of Headington School's nurses are pictured with the car boot full of donations
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